Message From Karen Graham~Web Mistress & Mud Editor

Updated  07-30-18




NHPA Banner:

National Horseshoe Pitcher’s Association is looking to updating club banners.  This is an example of the NEW banner that's been created by Laurie Lampkin. We can purchase them for $16.00 IF we get orders of 250 or more. I need all interested parties to work through your Regional Director. If you want one for your club or facility tell your RD. You may add the Charter website above the horseshoepitching com RDs please compile your lists with a name that will be responsible for distribution and payment.   I believe the size to be approximately 2 x 4.   Above horseshoepitching .com there is enough space to provide NY’s website


So come on New York pull together and get a hold of Frank Kwiatkowski and tell him that your club, courts or league would like to purchase one. You need not be a sanction club to buy one, it is a great advertising tool that would only cost $16.00.  So call Frank today 716-627-4708



Horseshoe Pamphlet for NYS

Under the Table of Contents you will find a link for Horseshoe Pamphlet this is meant to be double sided printing and tri-folded.  This has some helpful information in it and should be shared with persons interested in pitching horseshoes.  Please feel free to print it, if you cannot give me a call or an email and I will send them to you.


Did you know that a lot of horseshoe pitchers do not know the difference between the heel and toe caulks? 

The open end of the horseshoe is the heel caulk and the closed end is the toe caulk.