Junior News



Wendy’s outline for the Juniors in her area for 2018 season



My Juniors league will run from the 1st week of May until end of July every Friday from 7 to 9 pm.  One week exception due to Ohio tournament. I have each week broken down into each topic:


Week 1  Introduction to horseshoes, Sportsmanship and safety.

Week 2  Basics to the game, the distance, the release.  Guest instructor, Steve Crandall to demonstrate turn shoe.

Week 3  Repeat of week two with another guest instructor, Tony White (horseshoesonline.com) on demonstration of turn shoe.

Week 4  Scoring, rules, etiquette live drills

Week 5  Tournament prep

Week 6-12  Different types of tournaments, ending with a tournament and day after big party with inflatable’s and cookout.