During this Pandemic please check here regularly for any changes or news.


The State Spring meeting, at the Waterloo Sportsman’s Club, has been canceled for this year.


This is unchartered waters for everyone around the world.  So we can only make decisions every couple of weeks or so because of the social distancing criteria.


I will be putting out a June Mud with some important information that will require sanctioned members attention.


There will be a ballot to submit to Frank Kwiatkowski.  Jerry Bernard will not be running for another term as President. There are two members that are, Roger Chase and Ellen Perry.  Ellen at present, is our election chairperson and she will forward me the letters of intent to be published and she has recused herself of receiving the ballots. Frank will hold on to these ballots until the State Tournament (should there be one) to be opened during the business meeting.


Jerry has made an executive decision to have Pine Grove host the State Tournament as they did say they would hold the tournament for 2020.  The application will be in the Mud but…….DO NOT send until there is a final decision on Aug 1st and if there is a tournament you will have until Aug. 15th  to submit.  Because of the situation you will need only one sanctioned tournament to qualify. If you need one you must pitch 200 shoes with a sanction member present and submit to Frank Kwiatkowski before July 31st.  There are plenty of ways to get this tournament even online through Facebook page (Horseshoe Pitching Online).  Call if you need help.


I will also reach out through email when possible so if you want this information please send me an email stating so


SOCIAL DISTANCING is a big deal PLEASE do your part!!!